VLAN trunking protocol-vtp

vlan trunking protocol-vtp.

VTP (VLAN Trucking Port):

VTP is a protocol used in Switches to managed and maintained VLANs configuration. It is a Cisco proprietary protocol.

Benefit of VTP:

• Consistence VLAN configuration across all switches in the network.
• VLAN trucking over a mixed network like ethernet to ATM or ethernet to FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface).
• It managed the VLAN such as add, delete or rename the VLANs.

VTP Modes:

There are 3 VTP modes which helps you to configure in Switch –

1. VTP Server:

• It is the default mode of VTP.
• We need at list one server in the VTP domain.
• This mode can add, delete VLAN.
• VLAN configuration is stored in NVRAM.

2. VTP Client:

• In this mode switch will receive VLAN information from VTP server.
• In this mode we cannot create, delete, rename, change VLANs.
• VLAN information is stored in RAM.

3. VTP Transparent:

• In this mode switch does not participate in VTP database.
• It used only to forward VTP information to the client switches.
• They can create, delete, modify, change VLAN.
• VLAN information is stored in NVRAM.
• This database is locally significant, it means if we create VLAN transparent switch, that will not be advertise to server or client.

VTP Version:

There are 3 versions of VTP
• Version 1
• Version 2
• Version 3

How VTP works:

Step 1: –
First identify the switch that should act as the VTP server and identify the client switch.

Step 2: –
Then configure the VTP domain in the server and assign the same domain name to all other client switches.

Step 3: –
Create a VTP password for unauthorized access of any VTP client in the network.

Step 4: –
Then VTP server and clients start to synchronize. Whenever changes there VTP server, the switch will start advertised to all the clients.

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