Top 37 Micro-soft Windows Server Interview Questions with Answers

Microsoft Windows Server Short Interview Questions

Here describe some basic Microsoft Windows Server Interview Questions & Answers which help you in networking interviews.

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#Q1. What are the types of Windows 10 Accounts?

Ans: – 4 Types – Local Account, Domain Account, Azure AD, Microsoft Account.

#Q2. What are the types of Built-in Accounts on a freshly installed windows machine?

Ans: – Administrator and Guest.

#Q3. Give some examples of a Microsoft Account?

Ans: –, Xbox Live,, TechNet, Windows Live ID etc.

#Q4. How to sign in to your windows 10 devices with just a look or touch?

Ans: – Windows Hello.

#Q5. What are the supported method of Windows Hello?

Ans: – Facial Recognition, Fingerprint, Iris Scanning, PIN.

#Q6. What is stand for PIN?

Ans: – Personal Identification Number.

#Q7. What is stand for TPM?

Ans: – Trusted Platform Module.

#Q8. What is TPM?

Ans: – TPM is a writable security chip inside a device used to store keys & certificates.

#Q9. What’s new in Windows Server 2019?

Ans: –

It is the latest Windows server version that is released by Microsoft in 2019. Some of the most features of the new windows server 2019 are:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Smaller, more efficient containers
  • Linux Support
  • Storage Migration Service
  • System Insights
  • Desktop Experience
  • Improved Windows Defender

#Q10. What is the Virtual Assistant of Windows – 10?

Ans: – Cortana.

#Q11. What is the full form of WADK?

Ans: – Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit.

#Q12. What is the full form of VHDX?

Ans: – Virtual Hard Disk Extended.

#Q13. What are the new features of Windows 10 Edge Browser?

Ans: – Cortana.

#Q14. Where did we use Windows 10 Enterprise Edition?

Ans: – Corporate Section.

#Q15. What are the types of User Profiles?

Ans: – Local Profile, Roaming Profile & Mandatory Profile.

#Q16. What is stand for ICD?

Ans: – Imaging and Configuration Designer.

#Q17. What is stand for MDT?

Ans: – Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

#Q18. What is stand for WET?

Ans: – Windows Easy Transfer.

#Q19. What is the stand for USMT?

Ans: – User State Migration Tool.

#Q20. Given a name of an online directory service that is hosted in Microsoft Cloud?

Ans: – Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

#Q21. What is full from MDM?

Ans: – Mobile Device Management.

#Q22. What is the feature of protecting your PC from viruses, spyware etc. in Windows 10?

Ans: – Windows Defender.

#Q23. What are the types of Network Discovery?

Ans: – Private, Home & Work, Domain, Public.

#Q24. What is the full form of BYOD?

Ans: – Bring Your Own Device.

#Q25. What is the edition of Windows Server 2012?

Ans: – Foundation, Essentials, Standard & Datacenter Edition.

#Q26. What is the command used to configure the Core Server windows 2012?

Ans: – sconfig.exe.

#Q27. What is stand for ADDS?

Ans: – Active Directory Domain Services.

#Q28. What is the command is used for a specific function in Windows PowerShell?

Ans: – Cmdlet.

#Q29. What changes are done in Post-installation Configuration in Windows Server 2012?

Ans: – Renaming the server, setting an IP address, domain joining, enabling remote desktop, configuration remote update.

#Q30. What is Windows PowerShell?

Ans: – It is a task automation and configuration management tool.

#Q31. What is the minimum hardware requirement to install Windows Server 2012?

Ans: – Processor – 1.4 GHz, Memory – 1 GB and HDD – 32 GB.

#Q32. What is the minimum hardware requirement to install Windows Server 2012?

Ans: – Processor – 1.4 GHz, Memory – 1 GB and HDD – 32 GB.

#Q33. What do you mean by Domain, Tree and Forest?

Ans: – Domain, Tree and Forest are logical structures in Active Directory.

#Q34. What is Domain?

Ans: – A Domain is a collection of computers, users and objects which share common AD and trust relationships.

#Q35. What is Tree?

Ans: – A Tree is a collection of one or more domains.

#Q36. What is Forest?

Ans: – The Forest is the top of the Active Directory structure.

#Q37. What are the types of FSMO roles?

Ans: –

  • Primary Domain Controller (PDC).
  • Infrastructure master.
  • Relative ID (RID) master.
  • Domain naming master.

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