Components of Switched-mode Power Supply

Components of SMPS (Switched Mode-Power Supply).
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Components of SMPS: –

What is SMPS?

SMPS or Switched Mode Power Supply is an electronic device that is used to convert AC to DC, AC to AC, DC to DC and DC to AC. The SMPS used in computers is AC to DC types supply.

Switched Mode-Power Supply.
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SMPS parts and connectors:

• Power-IN:

The power-IN connector is the input for main supply. A power cable is inserted here, the other end of which is converted to main supply.

SMPS Power In Button.
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• Power-OUT:

In most of the SMPS have Power-Out button. The power-Out connector from inside the supply unit. The power-Out connectors are used to give supply power to the monitors or any display unit.

• FAN:

The FAN as you can see, blows the air out and is only used to remove the internal heat from the SMPS.

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• ATX Power Connector:

SMPS has 20/ 24 pin female ATX connector which is used to power to the motherboard. Here different color-coded wires connected to this connecter and their voltages are different.

SMPS ATX Power Connecter.
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Wire ColorDC Voltages
Black0V (Ground)
Brown+3.3V (Sense)
White-5V (Optional)
Green+5V (Power On)
Grey+5V (Power Good)
Purple+5V (Stand By)
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• ATX 4 pin Connector:

Latest SMPS extra 4 pin connectors have supply power 12V to CPU. It is also called as 12V connector.

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• Molex (4 pin):

Peripheral 4 pin Molex connector is used to provide power to IDE devices or PATA devices like FAN, Case light, etc.

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• Mini Molex or BURG (4 pins):

It is used to provide power to FDD (Floppy Disk Drive) devices.

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• SATA (15 pins):

It is used to provide to PCI-E slot devices like video card, graphics card, Wi-fi card etc.

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• PCI-E Connector:

It is used to provide to PCI-E slat devices like video card, graphics card, wi-fi card etc.

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Note: The number of port availability of this connector depending on the SMPS brand & budget.

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