Top 110 Computer Hardware MCQ Questions & Answers

Computer Hardware Multiple Choice Questions.

Computer Hardware MCQ Questions & Answers

Here describe some basic computer Hardware Multiple Choice Questions & answer which help you in networking interview.

Q #1. Which of the following cause of a fixed disk error –

a) No – CD
b) installed
c) Bad ram
d) Slow processor
e) Incorrect CMOS setting

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(d) Slow processor.

Q #2. Which of the following motherboard form factor uses 20 pin connector –

a) ATX
b) AT
c) Baby AT
d) All of the above

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(a) ATX.

Q #3. Which of the following subdivision is a Hard Disk after being divided into tracks –

a) Clusters
b) Sector
c) Heads
d) Vector

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(b) Sector.

Q #4. Which of the following contains is made up of a wrist grounding strap –

a) Surge protector
b) Capacitor
c) Voltmeter
d) Resistor

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(d) Resistor.

Q #5. Which of the following comment type could you view any current Terminate Stay Resident (TSR) programs –

a) Memory
b) MEM
c) System
d) Memmaker

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(b) MEM.

Q #6. Which of the following possible cause the mouse pointer no longer moves smoothly –

a) Ball is dirty
b) Is not connected
c) Driver is not installed properly
d) Has an incorrect IRQ setting

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(a) Ball is dirty.

Q #7. How to measure Voltage –

a) In Parallel
b) In Serial
c) After breaking the circuit
d) After checking the resistance

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(a) In Parallel.

Q #8. Which of the following drive is uses a 34-pin connection –

a) Floppy drive
b) SCSI drive
c) IDE drive
d) Hard drive

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(a) Floppy drive.

Q #9. Which of the following term as “red book”, “yellow book” and “orange book” –

b) IDE
c) Floppy drive technology
d) CD-ROM standards

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(d) CD-ROM standards.

Q #10. You can try a low-level format, what would be the possible next step to configuring the hard drive in a system –

a) Format DOS partition
b) Install the operation system
c) Configure the DMA channel and backup interrupt
d) Partition of the hard disk

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(d) Partition of the hard disk.

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