CMOS Definition

CMOS Battery.

What is CMOS Battery: –


It stands for Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. It is a battery semiconductor chip and it is used to store the computer start-up information. It means it’s stored system date/time and BIOS setting.


It’s also known as RTC (Real Time Clock), NVRAM (Non-volatile RAM) or CMOS RAM.
The voltage of CMOS batteries ranges from 3 to 6 volts but most of the motherboards are used 3V of CMOS battery.
It is made of Lithium.
Approx. it’s validity 5 years but it is depending to your uses.
It’s battery no. CR2032.
It’s provided to power to CMOS RAM chip.
It changes when the voltage is less than 2.5V.
Famous company Maxwell, Kts etc.

Computer CMOS Battery.

Q. Can the motherboard work without a CMOS battery?

Ans: – Yes, the CMOS battery is not providing power to the computer. It is the power to the CMOS RAM chip when the computer is power off or unplugged. So, without a CMOS battery a motherboard can work.

Q. When removing the CMOS battery BIOS setting will be reset or not?

Ans: – Yes, you remove or replace the CMOS battery your BIOS setting will be reset.

Q. Can CMOS battery cause blank screen?

Ans: – Yes, with a dead CMOS battery the BIOS loses the setting and it will be a possible cause of a blank screen.

Q. What is the main function of CMOS?

Ans: – CMOS battery gives the backup power to CMOS of a computer to hold the date/time or BIOS setting.

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