Windows Server MCQ Questions and Answers

Q #61. Which of the following Active Directory containers can Group Policies be applied –

a) OUs.
b) Sites.
c) Domains.
d) All of the above.

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(d) All of the above.

Q #62. Which of the following accounts is not a type of user account that can be configured in Windows Server 2012 R2 –

a) Local account.
b) Network accounts.
c) Built-in account.
d) Domain account.

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(b) Network accounts.

Q #63. Which of the following does an Active Directory client use to locate objects in another domain –

a) DNS.
b) Site Link.
c) DHCP.
d) Global Catalog.

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(d) Global Catalog.

Q #64. How many group scopes are there in Active Directory –

a) 0.
b) 3.
c) 5.
d) 10.

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Q #65. Active Directory is a technology created by_____ that provides a variety of network services –

a) Internet Explorer.
b) Google.
c) Apple.
d) Microsoft.

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(d) Microsoft.

Q #66. Which of the following cannot contains multiple Active Directory domains –

a) Trees.
b) Forest.
c) Organization units.
d) Sites.

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(c) Organization units (OU).

Q #67. Which of the following command-line tools are used to join a computer to a domain –

a) Netdom.exe
b) Netsh.exe
c) Ipconfig.exe
d) Net.exe

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(a) Netdom.exe

Q #68. Which of the following tools cannot enable and disable the Network Discover firewall rules –

a) File Explorer.
b) Action Center.
c) Allowed Apps dialog box.
d) Network and Sharing Center.

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(b) Action Center.

Q #69. What type of user account should you create for the user, if you wanted to require that a user an Administrator password to perform administrative tasks –

a) Standard User Account.
b) Power User Account.
c) Authenticated User Account.
d) Administrator User Account.

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(a) Standard User Account.

Q #70. If you want to migrate user from Windows XP Professional to Windows 7 pre, which of the following command are used to manage through User State Migration tool (USMT) –

a) ScanState.exe
b) LoadState.exe
c) Usmt.exe
d) Windows7Migrate.exe

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(a) & (b) ScanState.exe & LoadState.exe

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