Windows Server MCQ Questions and Answers

Q #91. Which of the following Object allows users to log on to the network –

a) Groups.
b) Organizational Units (OU).
c) User Accounts.
d) Computers.

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(c) User Accounts.

Q #92. Which of the following is the default protocol used in directory services –

a) TCP.
c) DHCP.
d) LDAP.

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(d) LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

Q #93. Which of the following statement are true for Active Directory –

a) It is used DNS.
b) It is a lightweight Directory Access Protocol.
c) Microsoft’s version of Kerberos.
d) All of the above.

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(d) All of the above.

Q #94. Which of the following cannot contain multiple Active Directory domains –

a) Sites.
b) Trees.
c) Forest.
d) Organizational Units.

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(d) Organizational Units.

Q #95. To configure an NLB cluster with unicast, what is the minimum number of network adapters required in each node –

a) 1.
b) 2.
c) 3.
d) 4.

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(b) 2.

Q #96. A _____ the group is a group that contains the same users as an OU –

a) Primary.
b) Shadow.
c) Administration.
d) Operation.

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(b) Shadow.

Q #97. Each GPT folder is identified by the______ for the GPO –

a) GUID.
b) GPID.

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(a) GUID.

Q #98. Group Policy settings are divided into two categories: Computer Configuration settings and _____ –

a) Organizational Configuration settings.
b) Group Configuration settings
c) User Configuration settings.
d) Policy Configuration settings.

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(c) User Configuration settings.

Q #99. Active Directory and a windows-based file server are not required to implement _______ on client Windows computers –

a) Roaming User Profile.
b) Internet Explorer.
c) Window 2003.
d) Windows 2000.

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(a) Roaming User Profile.

Q #100. What is full from “AAA” –

a) Authentication, Authorization & Azure AD.
b) Authentication, Acknowledgement & Accounting.
c) Administrator, Authorization & Accounting.
d) Authentication, Authorization & Accounting.

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(d) Authentication, Authorization & Accounting.


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