Windows Server MCQ Questions and Answers

Q #31. _____ designed for organizations concerned about data lose originating at the endpoint, whether malicious or inadvertent –

a) Web Endpoint.
b) Data Endpoint.
c) Endpoint.
d) Remote Endpoint.

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(b) Data Endpoint.

Q #32. What is Windows PowerShell –

a) It is a memory cell.
b) It is a battery optimization tool.
c) It is a taskbar.
d) It is a task automation tool.

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(d) It is a task automation tool.

Q #33. What is the command used to configure the Core Server –

a) sconfig.exe
b) cconfig.exe
c) sconfig.xml
d) None of these

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(a) sconfig.exe

Q #34. What is stand for ADDS –

a) Active Directory Database Services.
b) Active Directory Domain Services.
c) Active Directory Domain Server.
d) Active Direct Domain Server.

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(b) Active Directory Domain Services.

Q #35. What is the highest level of Organization within Active Directory –

a) ADDS Forest.
b) ADDS Domain.
c) ADDS Tree.

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(a) ADDS Forest.

Q #36. A domain is managed by a physical machine is called as –

a) ADDS.
b) Centralizes Machine.
c) Workbook.
d) Domain Controller.

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(d) Domain Controller.

Q #37. What is Domain Trees –

a) It is the highest level of organization Active Directory.
b) It is a collection of Domains.
c) It is a physical machine.
d) It is a physical server.

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(b) It is a collection of Domains.

Q #38. Organization Unit (OU) is used to apply Users for –

a) KDC service for authentication.
b) Security boundary.
c) Group Policy permission.
d) None of the above

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(c) Group Policy permission.

Q #39. BYOD stands for –

a) Buy Your Own Data.
b) Buy Your Own Device.
c) Bring Your Owner Data.
d) Bring Your Own Device.

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(d) Bring Your Own Device.

Q #40. A DHCP-enabled client lease for an IP address from a DHCP server, this process is called –

a) DHIP process.
b) Migration process.
c) DORA process.
d) Lease process.

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(c) DORA process (D – Discover, O – Offer, R – Request, A – Acknowledge)

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