Top 100 Computer Network MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Q #71. IETF stands for –

a) Internet Engineering Task Force
b) International Engineer Task Force
c) Internet Engineering Team Force
d) None of the above

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(a) Internet Engineering Task Force.

Q #72. Which of the following computer network classified on their functionality –

a) Client-Server
b) LAN
c) CAN
d) PAN

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(a) Client-Server.

Q #73. ATM stands for –

a) Automated Teller Machine
b) Automatic Teller Machine
c) Automatic Transfer Machine
d) Automated Transaction Machine

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(a) Automated Teller Machine.

Q #74. DHCP stands for –

a) Dynamic Host Connection Protocol
b) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
c) Digital Host Configuration Protocol
d) None of the above

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(b) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

Q #75. Which of the following is an example of Bluetooth –

a) LAN
b) MAN
c) WAN
d) CAN

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(d) CAN (Campus Area Network).

Q #76. ____ layer is the Application layer of the OSI model –

a) First layer
b) Second layer
c) Fifth later
d) Second layer

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(b) Second Layer.

Q #77. Which of the following network is an FDDI network –

a) Ring network
b) Star network
c) Bus network
d) Mesh network

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(b) Star Network.

Q #78. ICMP used for –

a) It checks error & control message
b) It used to sending message
c) It resolved IP address to MAC address
d) It transfer the data

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(a) It checks error & control message.

Q #79. Which of the following is a loopback address –


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Q #80. Which of the following services uses UDP –

a) FTP

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(c) TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol).

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