Top 100 Computer Network MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Q #21. Which is the correct for MAC address –

a) MAC address is 32 bits
b) MAC address is 48 bits
c) MAC address is managed by IANA
d) MAC address can be changed

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(b) MAC address is 48 bits.

Q #22. Which of the following devices is works on the Network layer of the OSI model –

a) Bridge
b) Router
c) Hub
d) Modem

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(b) Router.

Q #23. The data unit of the Data Link layer is –

a) Packet
b) Bits
c) Data
d) Frame

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(d) Frame.

Q #24. Which of the following protocol is works on the Application layer –

a) FTP
b) TCP
c) IP
d) MAC

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(a) FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Q #25. POP3 is used for –

a) File Upload services
b) Sending Mail Services
c) Receiving Mail Services
d) Web Services

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(c) Receiving Mail Services.

Q #26. Which of the following protocol provides login access to a Router –

c) FTP

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Q #27. Which of the following is an example of a MAC address –

a) Ab32:233:2445:AAV2
c) Abbc:1482:vafgs:1452:1254
d) 80:1B:63:84:45:E6

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(d) 80:1B:63:84:45:E6.

Q #28. SMTP stands for –

a) Simple Mail Transmission Protocol
b) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
c) Secure Mail Transfer Protocol
d) None of the above

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(b) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

Q #29. What is the port no. of SSH –

a) 22
b) 23
c) 80
d) 21

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(a) 22.

Q #30. Which of the following is the data unit of the Network layer –

a) Frames
b) Segments
c) Packets
d) Bits

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(c) Packets.

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