Top 100 Computer Network MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Q #51. STP stands for –

a) Spanning Tree Protocol
b) Shielded Twisted-Pair
c) Shielded Twin Pair
d) Static Twisted-Pair

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(b) Shielded Twisted-Pair.

Q #52. Which of the following topology is the multipoint topology –

a) Bus Topology
b) Star Topology
c) Mesh Topology
d) Ring Topology

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(a) Bus Topology.

Q #53. Which of the following network is an example of Star topology –

a) LAN
b) MAN
c) WAN
d) CAN

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(a) LAN (Local Area Network).

Q #54. A logical address is also known as –

a) MAC address
b) IP address
c) Port address
d) Hardwar address

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(a) MAC address.

Q #55. Which of the following layer is responsible for user interaction –

a) Physical layer
b) Session layer
c) Transport layer
d) Application layer

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(d) Application Layer.

Q #56. What is the Maximum Data Transmission Rate of Cat – 5 –

a) 10 Mbps
b) 16 Mbps
c) 1 Gbps
d) 10 Gbps

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(a) 10 Mbps.

Q #57. Which of the following is used in Cable TV connection –

a) Satellite
b) Coaxial cable
c) Modem
d) Fiber Optic cable

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(b) Coaxial Cable.

Q #58. Which of the topology is used in FDDI technology –

a) Bus
b) Star
c) Ring
d) Tree

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(c) Ring Topology.

Q #59. Which of the following is used RG-59 –

a) Radio
b) Cable TV
c) LAN
d) MAN

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(b) Cable TV.

Q #60. Which of the following is an Unguided media –

a) Twisted-pair cable
b) Coaxial cable
c) Fiber Optic cable
d) Radio waves

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(d) Radio Waves.

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