Top 100 Computer Network MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Q #31. Where we used DNS –

a) For receiving mail
b) For sending mail
c) Web services
d) Name resolution services

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(d) Name Resolution Services.

Q #32. TCP/ IP model developed by –

a) International Standard Organization
b) Department of Defense

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(b) Department of Defense (DoD).

Q #33. Console port used for –

a) To configure Router & Switch
b) To connect PC to PC
c) To configure a Modem
d) To connect Monitor

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(a) To configure Router & Switch.

Q #34. 10 base 5 also known as –

a) Thinnet
b) Thicknet
c) RG – 8
d) RG – 6

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(b) Thicknet.

Q #35. Which of the following topology is the combination of Tree topology –

a) Bus & Star topology
b) Bust & Ring topology
c) Star & Ring topology
d) Ring & Star topology

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(a) Bus & Star Topology.

Q #36. Which of the following address is a ‘class C’ IP address –


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Q #37. Which network is based on a school or office –

a) LAN
b) MAN
c) WAN
d) CAN

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(a) LAN (Local Area Network).

Q #38. WAN Stands for –

a) World Area Network
b) Wide Area Network
c) Web Area Network
d) None of the above

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(b) Wide Area Network.

Q #39. Which of the following is not a Network layer function –

a) Routing
b) Inter-networking
c) Adds Header
d) Error control

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(d) Error Control.

Q #40. A 4 bytes IP address is the combination of –

a) Network Address
b) Host Address
c) Network & Host Address
d) Network & MAC Address

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(c) Network & Host Address.

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