Top 50 CCNA MCQ Questions and Answers 2023

Q #11. Which of the following term is used to be Port Address Translation –

a) NAT Fast
b) NAT Static
c) NAT Overload
d) NAT Start

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(c) NAT Overload.

Q #12. Which of the following commands is used to show the IOS image files available in flash memory –

a) #show flash
b) #show IOS file
c) #show image
d) #show IOS image

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(a) #show flash.

Q #13. Which of the following command is used to configure all the default VTY ports on a router –

a) Router#line vty 0 4
b) Router(config)#line vty 0 4
c) Router#line vty all
d) Router(config)#line vty all

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(a) Router#line vty 0 4.

Q #14. Which of the following mode is used to reboot the router after erasing all the data of NVRAM –

a) User EXEC mode
b) User Privileged mode
c) Setup mode
d) ROMMON mode

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(c) Setup mode.

Q #15. Which of the following is an STP convergence Time –

a) 50 seconds
b) 60 seconds
c) 70 seconds
d) 80 seconds

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(a) 50 seconds.

Q #16. PVST is a type of ____ protocol –

a) Router Information Protocol
b) LINK State Protocol
c) Hybrid Protocol
d) Spanning Tree Protocol

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(d) Spanning Tree Protocol.

Q #17. The default Bridge Priority value is –

a) 65565
b) 65535
c) 63353
d) 63553

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(b) 65535.

Q #18. Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) is a proprietary –

a) Cisco
c) IEEE 802.1w

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(c) IEEE 802.1w

Q #19. Which of the following protocol is used to maintain a loop-free network –

a) STP
b) VTP
c) RIP

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(a) STP (Spanning Tree Protocol).

Q #20. Which of the following statement are true for VTP –

a) All switches are vtp transparent by default
b) VTP is on by default with a domain name of cisco on all cisco devices
c) All switches are vtp client by default
d) All switches are vtp servers by default

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(d) All switches are vtp server by default.

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