difference between osi vs tcp/ip

Different between OSI vs TCP/IP model.

Different between ISO/ OSI Model & TCP/ IP Model?

Q. What is ISO/OSI Model?

Ans: – OSI model system defines and uses to understand how data is transferred from one system to another system.
It is developed by ISO (International Standard Organization).
It’s full from the International organization of Standardization/ Open System Interconnection.
It has 7 layers –
1) Physical Layer.
2) Data Link Layer.

3) Network Layer.
4) Transport Layer.
5) Session Layer.
6) Presentation Layer.
7) Application Layer.

Q. What is the TCP/ IP model?

Ans: – Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol are two separate computer network protocols that define a set of rules to govern connection among all device connected to the internet.
It is developed by DoD (Department of Defense’s).
There are 4 layers –
1) Network Interface Layer.
2) Internet Layer.
3) Transport Layer.
4) Application Layer.


Q. Different between OSI model & TCP/ IP Model?
Ans: –

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